Songbird Music R.I.P.



This morning was quite morning for Toronto musicians.  Songbird music filed for bankruptcy this week, and their liquidation sale started this morning.  Over the years I’ve spent many dollars in that store, and I’ve traded in equipment almost every time.  It was a nice store to keep competition alive in Toronto.  Now there is just Capsule Music, and Paul’s Boutique.  Songbird music had more room and usually had a larger selection of gear compared to Capsule, Paul’s Boutique I haven’t been to yet, so I can’t comment on it.   I woke up this morning at 7am and drove there to stand in line in hopes of acquiring some studio gear.  I came out without any studio gear, but I did come out with 4 drum stands for my dad, a Diamond J-Drive pedal for guitar, a Big Muff distortion pedal, 3 instrument cables and set of bass strings.


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