This June I will receive a 5 year pin for employment at Toronto General Hospital.  In those 5 years, I have not called in sick, not once.  Last night’s drive into work was either dedication or insanity.  I was asked at least 4 times last night, “you drove in tonight??”…yes I did.

At this point, after 5 years, it gets harder to make that call.  Even if I’m just feeling a little under the weather, it’s become like this competition to see how long I can go without ever calling in sick for a current job (I say current, because I have called in sick on two other occasions in my life, both previous jobs).  It’s interesting how employers handle sick time though.  You get paid days off when you call in sick, you get nothing if you never use your sick time.  It really doesn’t make any sense.  There is more incentive for calling in sick.  Ah well.  

Looks like the Hamilton region snow plows didn’t call in sick this morning.



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