Not too exciting

I guess it’s needless to say that not TOO much excitement is going on at the home front at the moment. When you start posting pictures of cookies, I guess you say it out loud….”I’m bored”. Well in all honesty, some things have been going on, I just haven’t taken the time to write them down. First off, I finally got my drums and bass amps here at home. I’m quite happy to have the option to make some noise from time to time. Since I got a a guitar for xmas, all I need is some sort of amp or pedal to play that with my gear.

This week was an intersting week as well. I haven’t thrown up in about 11 years, and Sunday night at 1am, I hugged the toilet bowl and let loose. I’m probably 90% sure it was food poisoning. The next day I was extremely lethargic and stayed in bed pretty much all day. The day after I felt pretty good, but just a little off, and today I feel fine (aside from some heartburn I’m sure related to something I ate). This week I have to buy new tires for my car, today I increased my car payments so that once my 5 years is up I will actually own my car (I was doing a sort of lease style payment…would have gone on for 8 years….yeah I know, it’s nuts, but I was broke at the time).

I also started jamming with this guy I worked with, he wants to just jam covers, maybe play at a local bar in his town for fun…why not, covers are easy, you don’t have to think really, just play someone else’s music. I would like to get an actual band going here in St. Catharines, I’m actually trying to write a handful of material as well. Anyways, that’s my update, now I’m off to bed.


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