Brand New

Went to see the band Brand New play tonight with Thrice opening. I think I enjoyed Thrice more, now maybe it’s because I have their last two albums. The sound was better at Arrow hall this time, last time I was there I saw Rise Against, and the sound was brutal. The next concert I’m going to is Angels & Airwaves, followed by the Foo Fighters in March. Seems like a lot of concerts, but they’re all months apart. This Saturday is my work xmas party, should be a good time. I’m just rambling, it’s 1:26am, I worked nights last night and I’m awake and alert.

Recorded my friend Pat last week, we’re going to redo most of his songs, and record some new ones. I’m really enjoying Logic on the Mac, it’s a great recording program. You can check out his stuff at Purevolume. I recorded his other stuff a long time ago, and you can see the difference from the old stuff to the new stuff as I get better and more comfortable with recording.


One Response to “Brand New”

  1. hey tom…in 5 days i’ll officially be a resident of the same region as you. woohoo!! looking forward to meeting up some time…

    oh…and you know who to call if you need a dog sitter.

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