One Week Left

One week left till I leave for Israel. I must admit that I’m a little anxious to take such a long flight by myself, not mention find my way around Haifa Israel alone. Regardless of the alone factor, I am excited to go, I’ve been on the Baha’i Pilgrimage waiting list for 8 years now. The Baha’i shrines in Israel are the Holiest site of pilgrimage for Baha’is. I do know some people currently serving in Israel, so it will be nice to run in to a few familiar faces. I hope the flight has power outlets, I’m just going to load my iPod with movies, music, and podcasts to make the time go by. I’m realizing more and more as the time approaches that I’m somewhat speechless regarding the trip, it’s not quite an overwhelming feeling, just knowing that I’m going is causing an element of anticipation. Anyways, One more week, and three days more of work.


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