I’ve heard of Skype for quite sometime now, and I’ve seen people use it, however, I always thought it was something you paid for to call people’s land lines from your computer. Well I guess I was clueless, because after discovering that it’s actually simple to set up an account, free to download, and free to talk to other Skype users on their computer, I put it up against iChat (I’m a Mac user) to compare the audio and video chat features…and well, Skype won. So now I have, well, only two people on my Skype list, both of which have webcams with built in microphones. Using the program is pretty cool, I must say I’ve done a lot of talking with it in the last couple of days. Download Skype


One Response to “Skype”

  1. my cousins use Skype, one lives in Colorado, the other in Oregon, and they love it. I have seen it used a few times, and was pretty cool.

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