Grey’s Anatomy: Season Four

So I have a confession.  Last season of Grey’s Anatomy Andrea and I started watching it after the advice from my sister to “check it out”.  Well we were both hooked instantly.  So I won’t get into details about our obsessive watching of the show…I will just give some Grey’s Anatomy Season Four predictions.  Well at least in relation to the George, Izzy and Callie love triangle.

George told Izzy he loved her too:  What does this mean?
George will want to divorce Callie

Callie is being a total bitch to the other residents:  What does this mean?
She will have no one to back her up.

Callie is crazy.  She will most likely sleep with someone else in the attempt to get pregnant, she will get pregnant, and try to keep George that way.

That’s my prediction, but if it ends up being true, this show will have turned WAY to soap opera.  So I hope I’m wrong.

ER rules too.  Doesn’t help my recent obsession to apply to med school to be an ER doc.


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