Back in the Big City

Well I’m back working in Toronto tonight, and I must say, I do miss it. I just finished inserting an arterial line in a patient, we don’t get to that at the hospital I work at in Hamilton. It’s a great skill, and I wish we did do it there. I do a lot of intubations here as well, usually in a cardiac arrest situation, or in the ICU at 5am when a first or second year resident has tried and can’t get it. Sometimes our skill as respiratory therapists is underestimated. The patient I did the arterial line for tonight had been poked multiple times today by a resident trying to get it. I had it done in 15minutes, set-up to clean-up. We may not be as well rounded with knowledge as a lot of residents, fellows, and physicians, but what we do know, and the skills we have really aren’t utilized to their full potential. Ah well, once a doctor is aware of your ability, it’s amazing how much they’ll rely on you, your skill, and you’re opinion.

I love my job.


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