First step to the studio

This weekend begins the project. I’m putting up (with the help of my dad) the inside walls of my studio. Seeing as we have a new house, we’re not suppose to finish the basement until the house has settled (they give you 2 yrs). So instead of building the full studio, and finishing all the walls, I’ll be leaving the outside walls bare for now…at least it’s a start. Probably the biggest use I’ll get out of the room for now, until it’s completed, is use as a practice space. I can set the drums up, keep the amps there, make it easy to practice with a band. The house is slowly coming together, once it is I’ll post pictures. For now there is still no furniture on the main floor, but we’re expecting couches to arrive on Saturday. Also we’ll be setting up the satellite, not sure how well that’s going to work, we have to drill some holes n the brick to secure it, as well as get the cable into the house.

That’s all for now.


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