A few things

Today is a beautiful day outside, in fact so beautiful it makes me wish we hadn’t closed up the trailer last week.  This would have been perfect beach weather.
The dust in the house is getting a little out of hand today, as the brick layers are finishing up one of the houses behind us, AND there is a strong hot wind today.  I’ve had to wipe down my computer desk, my laptop, and close the window to the office as the dust is now coming into the upstairs as badly as it is on the main level.
Today I began my lessons for Logic Express 7.2, as tomorrow I’m putting up the walls of the studio with my dad,   Just the frame though, as the drywall will have to wait till I have some extra money…basically it has to wait till I get back from Haifa, Israel.  Today was the deadline for the TUAW blogger job, the more I think of it, the more I’d rather not have to worry about making my blog posts about apple/mac overly perfect and/or exciting.  I’m not a professional tech blogger, I just do it for fun, and making money means I would have to meet a standard, and the last thing I need are critics.  At least right now, I just post in my own setting, and there’s no reason for anyone to criticize as it’s not a ‘popular’ blog, with thousands of readers.  I currently get on average 20 hits per day, my best day was in the 70’s though.  I need to make more posts in it, as I’m starting to have some regulars…mostly family, ha-ha.


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