The big 30 fast approaching

I can’t say that I’m truly prepared for this.  The only other time I’ve ever felt sort of weary about a birthday was when I turned 25…1/4 of a century.  Now comes 30, the age at which you no longer have an excuse.  You are officially an adult.  Good thing is that there is a lot going on this weekend to help eleviate the hurt.  Andrea and I are attending my family reunion (mother’s side), and I haven’t seen most of these family members in years.  Another nice thing is that I happened to know that I’m getting some presents, haha. 

The trailer life has been nice on all of my stretches off from work, and we’re thinking of going up this weekend, but we’re also thinking it might be a better idea to stay home and actually get something accomplished with setting up our house.  I think staying home will be the final decision.   Well seeing as I’m at work right now, I suppose I should stop updating my blog.  It has been a while, and I felt inclined to update. 


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