Relearning Recording

Wow, what a learning curve this Logic Express is turning out to be. I was using the same recording programs for 2 years, so now I have to relearn an entire application. Not so much for recording audio, as I know my way around a compresser/limiter, gate, Reverb, EQ, etc. But for creating software based music, with MIDI and synth plug-ns, it’s a whole new world.

I was using Reason 3.0 with Cubase SX3 on my PC, since switching to the Mac in March, I have just been using Garageband, which is super easy to use, however limited in some of it’s more professional ability. So now I’m bringing it up a notch, and learning all over again.

I’ve come to discover that recording, especially when using external hardware, like keyboards, audio interfaces, and control surfaces, getting a certain workflow is important, is your setup easy to navigate around, and does your workflow allow you to navigate on your screen easier. For example, I’ve started using an external monitor, and setting it up so that when the mouse pointer goes off the screen of my laptop, that it appears in the appropriate spot on the other monitor, figuring out how to do this all in the display preferences was cool.

I also was having trouble with my control surface, and none of the lights were lighting up when I was selecting tracks and recording, I called the support center for M-Audio, and they didn’t know how to fix the problem…well lets just say that I SHOULD WORK FOR THEM, because withing 5 minutes of getting off the phone with them, I did some more of my own computer trouble shooting, and fixed the problem.

On another totally related note, my sister called last night to give me the heads up that she was getting me a book for my birthday coming up. This book should definitely help with my learning curve, thank you sis.


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