Mind on mixing

Well it’s 3:25pm, and I’m seriously losing my mind with boredom at work, I can hardly keep my eyes open. Coffee probably won’t fix it, although I will try. I know something that would keep my brain stimulated…I got my Logic Express 7.2 software in the mail, installed it last night, and of course two hours later I finally got some sound out of it. It is strange however that it says you can import projects created in Garageband and play them seamlessly…yeah right, it won’t play ANY of my Garageband songs. I’m not overly disappointed with that as I didn’t really create any masterpieces with Garageband that necessarily need further editing. Anyways, with still so much to do at home, I may not get much of a chance to play with this, I may however bring it up to the lake with me next weekend (well the laptop coming with me is a given, but going up with my MIDI keyboard is added cargo). I need to get comfortable with the program before I actually use it on someone or a whole band for that matter. Perhaps recording my fathers band sometime soon will suffice, however recording someone a little closer to home will probably be a better idea. Ok, coffee time.


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